Labyrinth- a word used in many books, quotes, magazines and ‘intellectual sites’ if you have read the word then you might know the meaning but if you don’t then.

Labyrinth is an irregular and complicated path like a maze.

It is quite overrated as if any author wants to make a book ‘serious’ he/she in many cases may use the word Labyrinth.

Don’t just take my word for it,

It has been done in

Looking for Alaska by Jhon Green

Labyrinth the 1986 Hollywood film

Isn’t it amazing to see the power of One Word.

Imagine if a word can change meaning

A line can change the conclusion

A paragraph can change the story

A page can change the book

A book can change a person

Then, what can you change?

You can change the world.

You have the power to be the change. And no, I am not just saying this, I really do believe that the day you decide that you will not settle by anything less than your goal, you will attain the power to change the world.